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We are manufacturer of asphalt plant. Several crucial elements come together in an asphalt plant to create asphalt. First up is the cold feed system, which usually consists of a number of hoppers or bins that contain different materials like sand, gravel, and crushed stone. Then, these aggregates are moved to the drying drum using bucket elevators or conveyor belts.
The drying drum, where the aggregates are heated and dried, is an essential part. It has a burner system that produces high temperatures, causing the moisture in the aggregates to evaporate. After that, the dried aggregates make their way to the mixing chamber.

When the asphalt mix is ready, conveyors or bucket elevators move it to the storage silos or surge bins. These storage facilities have the capacity to keep a sizable amount of the finished product, guaranteeing a consistent supply for building projects.
The baghouse or dust collector, which collects and filters out any particulate matter or dust formed during the production process, is one of the asphalt plant's other crucial components. This maintains air quality and has a smaller negative influence on the environment.

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asphalt plant components

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